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DRE#: 01321005

4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Suite #110, Roseville, CA 95747

Knowledge and experience of a professional can open doors and save you a lot of time and money!  
Tips to Buyers:

 We have a common goal: Making you a homeowner. Let's make it happen!
Ensuring you exceptional services at every step of your home buying process.

  • Search listings from the convenience of your home.
  • Be the first to get new listings that match your criteria.
  • Get real estate market watch updates for listings in your area.
  • "For Buyers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.
  • Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.
  • Financial advice - Loans, Mortgages, interest and tax benefits.
  • Community information and Utilities.

Find a knowledgeable agent who knows how to get the job done, get a good deal and is responsive to all your real estate needs. Providing you prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence from contract to settlement.

 Tips to Sellers:
 Allow me to list your home for a quick sale. As a real estate specialist, I know what it takes to sell your home. I bring expert knowledge, valuable experience blended with the latest technology, a well-defined marketing plan, a cohesive network, energy, enthusiasm and the excitement of a job well done.

 Detailed Home Evaluation Report and advice on the best price to list your home.

  • Vast Exposure for your listing.
  • Virtual tours to distinguish your listing.
  • "For Sellers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.
  • Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.
  • Relocating - Everything you need to know about the neighborhood and transferring utilities.

If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse my website for valuable information on preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes.

I am passionate about my job, love my neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that I can pass them on to my clients.

Our Company Values

1-Obsession with Service

Service is the foundation of our business. Time and time again it is the raving testimonial we get from our clients.

2-Utilize the Imagination

The world is changing everyday and we know the importance that imagination and creativity play in the marketplace today.

3-Rapid Response

We believe rapid response is a must for both the customer and the marketplace.

4-Strategy in All Things

We put strategy into everything we do. From negotiations with our buyers, to proper market positioning with our sellers, we pursue strategy in all things.

5-Truth and Trust

We put the needs of others before our own. We believe in truth and trust. We only employ people who are committed to that.

6-Old School Work Ethic

We believe that America was built by hard-working and entrepreneurial spirit. Work ethic is the lifeblood of our company.

7-Relationship Focus

We know the importance of relationships and do not sacrifice those for business gain. We love our customers and realize their value to our success.

8-You Get What You Give

We believe that you get what you give. This is true not just in business, but also in life.


Your satisfaction is my success!

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Samson Badal


DRE#: 01321005

4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Suite #110
Roseville, CA 95747